The Minimum Progress Agreement

GeoGebra: Become a Proficient, Inspired Practitioner

We need to avoid the scenario where most teachers have made significant progress, but one or two have yet to make much progress. To support this goal, we suggest implementing a Minimum Progress Agreement. 

The suggested scheme outlines the minimum progress each teacher should achieve each month, based on an average of 30 minutes per week. Note that the modules vary in length, and it's expected some teachers may progress faster than others. 

This is a suggested guide only. Feel free to modify it to suit your needs. 

We anticipate most teachers will progress faster than the suggested schedule below.

Suggested Minimum Progress Agreement:

        End of Week 1 - everyone has logged in.

        Month 1: Intro and Topic 1 completed.

        Month 2: Topic 2 completed. 

        Month 3: Topic 3 completed (Implementations to have commenced by now).

        Month 4: Reflective Module 1 completed (+ implementations).

        Month 5: Topic 4 completed (+ implementations).

        Month 6: Topic 5 completed (+ implementations).

        Month 7: Topic 6 completed (+ implementations).

        Months 8-9: Reflective Module 2 completed (+ implementations).

        Month 10+: Recap, Completion and Implementations.