The Department-wide PD in a nutshell ...

The Department-wide Approach has four components:

  1. The school chooses an appropriate, long-term, online PD to be used within a Department-wide approach. The PD will contain pedagogical guidance, ideas, strategies, implementation requirements, and many opportunities to reflect and share.
  2. Classroom implementations create change in teachers. Teachers implement multiple strategies throughout the year.  
  3. The Head of Mathematics (or other Leader) assumes the on-site leadership role (high impact with minimal time requirement). As the 'guide on the side' within the PD, the leader’s ability to impact pedagogical change in teachers increases markedly. 
  4. Collegiality: In the Department-wide Approach, pedagogical discussions occur spontaneously between teachers. Time is also set aside in meetings for teachers to share their wind and challenges. Implementing common pedagogical ideas is ideal for building collegiality within a mathematics department. 

The Department-wide Approach Explained (4 min)

What is the on-site role of the Team Leader?

Firstly, the team leader role is much less arduous and time-consuming than attempting to bring about pedagogical change on your own.

The Team Leader:

  • Participates in the PD, progressing ahead of most of the Teachers.. 
  • Offers support and encouragement to teachers.
  • Fosters discussion with and between teachers - informally and during meetings.
  • Is 'the guide on the side'.
  • Occasionally liaises with the course facilitator via email/Zoom.
  • May decide - in agreement with the teachers and facilitator - to prioritise specific strategies from the PD.


Getting Started With The Department-wide Approach

Is the Department-wide Approach a good fit for your school? 

To find out, read this page, and watch the video above. Then book a 20-minute Zoom chat with Richard.

The Department-wide Approach is flexible. Therefore, to proceed, we decide what will work best for your situation:

  • We choose the start date and the duration (at least 12 months).
  • We determine the on-site leader (usually the Mathematics Department Head). 
  • We decide the number of participants. Usually, this is the whole department. However, sometimes the most willing teachers commence first, the remainder joining 6+ months later, having become intrigued by the enthusiasm of the first cohort.
  • We decide how teachers will progress through the online content. Schools may allocate some in-school time. Typically, however, teachers move through the content individually.

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We hope to see you and your teachers inside a Dept-wide PD soon!

Department-wide Mathematics PD