This course was so inspiring with it's many great facets, ideas, articles, videos and links. It should be compulsory in all teacher training courses and then should be compulsory again after teaching for your first 2-3 years. Thanks, Richard. Paul Chesher, Westfields Sports High School, Maths-Agency  Program

What is fantastic is that through this course I am inspired to work out ways for students to interact with concepts using GeoGebra and in fact any other appropriate method. I am REALLY looking forward to next year and honestly, this course and the ideas and strategies presented have been transformational. Thank you, Richard. Rod Krause, Dubbo Christian School (GeoGebra-Proficiency program)

This course made me reflect and carefully analyse my way of teaching, and made me strive to improve myself further. I am now more willing to 'take risks', thus utilising a variety of different approaches within my teaching of Maths. It was also great to be able to share ideas with the Team members and learn other highly effective ways to keep students motivated. Matthew Lafranchi, Bacchus Marsh Grammar (Maths-Agency program)

This course is brilliant! The strategies explained in the course, honestly, are so in line with my own thinking of how the whole education process should be. GeoGebra is definitely software that can instantaneously show a student's understanding (or lack of) of the concept being worked on. Simply a great course, excellent pace, friendly approach by the facilitators. I am very grateful. Ile Ilijevski, Northfleet School For Girls, UK (GeoGebra-Proficiency Program) 

I really like the self-paced nature of this course, the repeated reminders of what's good for the students and the wonderful interactions with Richard. I'm inspired by the course to continue the good work of putting students in the centre so we can endeavour to help each individual grow collectively through the power of open-ended tasks/questioning and metacognition. Thank you! Liz Tan, Masada College (Maths-Agency Program)

The best aspect of this course was great support from Richard, the easy to follow videos that guided through step by step, ideas about how to utilise this program and thinking of new modern ways of teaching mathematics. Kimberley Reichel, Quirindi High School (GeoGebra-Proficiency Program)

I have really enjoyed the course. Now the rubber hits the road and I have a smorgasbord of strategies to continue implementing.  It continues to be an exciting but slightly anxious road as I learn to gain confidence and give up more control! I have definitely been inspired and look forward to my teaching becoming increasingly more enjoyable as I implement these strategies. Natalia Curline, Nowra Christian School (Maths-Agency Program)

The main things I have realised as I have moved through this GeoGebra course are:

  1. GeoGebra is not just for graphing.
  2. GeoGebra is not just for senior mathematics
  3. GeoGebra is not just for the best mathematics students
  4. GeoGebra is not just for use as a teacher demonstration tool.

Geogebra can be (and should be) used for most Mathematics topics, in all age groups and ability levels, and for student-centred activities. Paul Mirrington, Kinross Wolaroi School (GeoGebra-Proficiency Program)

This course really kept me inspired throughout the struggles of teaching this year, As soon as I read about a new strategy I wanted to implement it straight away. The student engagement in the classes I have implemented strategies into has skyrocketed, I'm having students from other classes asking me about the lessons I did with my class and why their teacher doesn't do the same things with them. I wish my maths teachers in high school did this course. Tammy Brennan, Toormina HIgh School (Maths-Agency Program)

I have done the engagement course and then decided to do this one as a follow-up. I thought I knew "enough" about GeoGebra to be useful, but how very wrong I was. I have learned heaps and still know there is way more to learn. However, I think the majority of that will be more about how to teach maths conceptually (using GeoGebra) rather than how to use GeoGebra. Seeing some of the other people's files has really opened my eyes to the range of ways GeoGebra can be used. Jon Blencowe, Denison College  (GeoGebra-Proficiency Program)