You might be wondering:

  • How long will this micro-course take me to complete?

    About 20-60 minutes, depending on your skill level. The course comprises two video tutorials and two bonus articles - all feet-on-the-ground reading.

  • I already use GeoGebra with my students. How likely am I to learn something new?

    Regardless of your skill level, and despite this is only a short micro-course, it is highly likely you'll gain something. Beginners who know how to get started with GeoGebra are likely to gain the most takeaways.

  • I hardly use GeoGebra at all. Is this micro-course for me?

    If you are an absolute beginner, the worst-case scenario is that you'll see some impressive capabilities of GeoGebra and will hopefully be inspired to become proficient with this amazing free tool. Therefore, the course will be worthy of your time.

Course curriculum

    1. 01 Welcome To This GeoGebra Tutorials Micro Course

    2. 02 Course Aims and Requirements

    3. 03 Some logistics

    4. 04 Introduce Yourself*

    5. 05 All things GeoGebra

    1. 11 Tutorial 1: Graph Data From a Spreadsheet in GeoGebra

    2. 12 Tutorial 2: Demonstrate Ratios Dynamically With GeoGebra

    3. 13a Bonus Material #1

    4. 13b A Pythagoras Investigation Using GeoGebra - The Article

    5. 14a Bonus Material #2

    6. 14b Five Tips For Student-Led GeoGebra Tasks - The Article

    1. 20 Where To Next?

    2. 21 GIFs of Example GeoGebra Files Created By Participants of the GeoGebra-Proficiency PD

    3. 22 We'd Love Your Feedback ... *

    4. 23 A Final Word

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