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Note. this is not about using a new algebraic method. Rather, Need-Levels-Choice is a simple approach that gives students immediate success and allows you to use your algebraic method.

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This could be you ...

(when teaching equations)

  • Start With A Bang!

    Students are initially given control through being given choice. (You offer them some agency!) From the outset, students are empowered - they realise, 'I can do this!'

  • "Please ... show me your method!"

    When students reach the more difficult equations, they beg you to show them your favourite algebraic method. (You read that correctly ... they BEG!)

  • Success Breeds Success

    Within ten minutes, students love solving equations - even those who typically struggle with abstract mathematics - because they are experiencing success!

  • Demystifying the Algebra

    Typically, when teaching algebra, we alienate the bottom 70% of students by using 'algebra speak'. Through this Mini Course, you will see how easy it is to demystify the algebra.

  • Save time!

    When implemented correctly, the Need-Levels-Choice approach will save you 2-4 lessons within a typical 10-12 lesson unit - simply because students understand and have agency.

Tutorial Contents

    1. 210 Teaching Equations Can Be Perilous!

    2. 220 Here's where a typical equations unit goes south!

    3. 230 The #1 Reason Students Resist Learning YOUR Algebraic Method

    1. 310 The Need-Levels-Choice Approach To Teaching The Solving Of Equations (Video)

    2. 320 Three Keys That Make The Need-Levels-Choice A Winner

    3. 330 Notes From The 3-Keys Video

    4. 330b *Your 'Three Keys That Make The Need-Levels-Choice A Winner' Comment*

    5. 340 Download the 5-levels of equations here

    6. 350 The Need-Levels-Choice Approach Will Save You Time!

    7. 360 It's not about the method, but ...

    8. 370 Demystifying The Algebraic Method For Solving Equations (Video)

    9. 370b *Your 'Demystifying The Algebraic Method' Takeaways*

    1. 410 Your Implementation Report

    2. 410 *Your Implementation Report*

    3. 420 *We'd Love Your Feedback*

    4. 425 To The Previewers: Do you have any comments or questions? (Skip if you are a participant)

    5. 430 A Final Word ...

About this course

  • $40.00
  • 24 lessons


“After 40 odd years of teaching, one may think that there is not much new to learn when it comes to “how to teach Maths”. When I saw this mini-course on equations, I jumped at the opportunity of a new way to look at teaching solving of equations. I am big on student engagement, so anything that is going to help me to help the students to get the most out of my lessons is a good idea, and I was not disappointed at the outcomes. Although I have taught equations along similar lines in the past, this course took me a step or two further in connecting with the students where they are in their understanding and to then give them a deeper understanding which leads to success and fulfilment. I highly recommend this course.”

Rosemary Jacobitz, Northside Christian College, QLD, Feb 2022.

“ I used the Need-Levels-Choice approach this week with my 10.2 class as a means of revision. One of my lower ability students really had no clue, initially, on the Level 1 equations. So I just asked her prompting questions such as 4 plus how many will give you 7? Then I gave her lots of questions as support for the Level 3 and 4 equations. Just before class finished yesterday (our second lesson) she attempted a level 5 question! I stood by her and just asked what she needed to do next to make sure she was on the right track. Last year I spent 4 lessons on revision (a saving of 2 lessons this year with this approach) and am certain this girl would not have managed the level 4-5 equations! ”

Natalia Curline, Nowra Christian School, March 2022


  • How long will he tutorial take?

    You will need to spend 30-45 minutes to gain the most from the tutorial plus some extra time to prepare yourself to implement the approach.

  • I'm an experienced teacher. How likely am I to want to implement the approach in the tutorial?

    As long as you are open to new strategies that 'change the game', then you'll want to adopt this approach!


Richard Andrew

Hi! I’m Richard. I’ve been delivering PD to teachers since 2007 - after twenty-plus years in the classroom, six as a Department Head. My main PD thrust is to support teachers to improve their ability to foster agency and understanding in students. This is because we only shine as mathematics teachers when our students demonstrate agency ... when students assume ownership through experiencing a sense of control over their learning. I've always been fascinated by the craft of teaching maths. I have a knack for presenting complex pedagogical ideas in easy-to-follow ways, and in the absence of edu-babble.