This could be you ...

  • You are feeling empowered because you are much more able to bring concepts alive for students.

  • Clever GeoGebra files allow you to turn the lights on for students. Hence ... many more AHA moments for students.

  • You have a unique way of presenting maths. Now you create files as an extension of the way you teach.

  • Increased student understanding means increased student engagement. And this leads to greater agency in students and more efficient teaching.


“This course is brilliant and it gave me pretty much everything I was hoping to gain. I really liked the idea of replicating the files as it made me see how easy little things were to implement. The strategies explained in the course, honestly, are so in line with my own thinking of how the whole education process should be. GeoGebra is definitely a software which can instantaneously show a student's understanding (or lack of) of the concept being working on. In other words, it fills the gap between theory and practice. With GeoGebra, students get to show what they've learned and if they can apply their knowledge. Simply a great course, excellent pace, friendly approach by the facilitators. I am very grateful. ”

Ile Ilijevski, Northfleet School For Girls, UK.

“Honestly, this GeoGebra online course was one of the few PD courses that provided me with skills, ideas and inspiration. The videos were very efficient in explaining GeoGebra, the Maths topics provided featured good variety with activities including illustration, partly completed and student-centred files. I feel as though the time and effort spent to fulfill the requirements and implementations was worthwhile and provided me with solid skills and knowledge that will make my lessons more insightful and engaging.”

Saad Ahmed, Blaxland High School

“I have done the engagement (Agency) course and then decided to do this one as a follow-up. I thought I knew "enough" about GeoGebra to be useful, but how very wrong I was. I have learned heaps and still know there is way more to learn. However, I think the majority of that will be more about how to teach maths conceptually (using GeoGebra) rather than how to use GeoGebra. Seeing some of the other people's files has really opened my eyes to the range of ways GeoGebra can be used.”

Jon Blencowe, Denison College

Course curriculum

    1. 100 Start Topic One

    2. 105 To the previewers …

    3. 110 Windows & Menus

    4. 120 The Tools

    5. 130 Adjusting Properties of Objects

    6. 140 The Measure Tools

    7. 150 Writing Text & Dynamic Text

    8. 160 Using the Construction Protocol (An oldie but a goodie)

    9. 170 Hide-show Checkboxes; Fix Text; Sliders; LaTex Formatting

    10. 180 Some Reminders

    11. 190 *Topic One Submission*

    12. 195 A Timely Reminder

    1. 200 Start Topic Two

    2. 210 Topic Two Instructions and Files

    3. 220 Exploring Parallel Lines

    4. 240 Vertically Opposite Angles; Isosceles Triangle; Rhombus

    5. 250 Investigating Functions

    6. 260 Why doesn't this GeoGebra file fit on my screen?

    7. 265 GeoGebra Online & Classes

    8. 270 Some quick feedback - two questions

    9. 275 A final word for Topic Two

    1. 300 Start / Topic Three files

    2. 305a GeoGebra: A demonstration tool or hands on activity?

    3. 305b *GeoGebra: A demonstration tool or hands on activity?* (Article)

    4. 310 A Reflected Polygon

    5. 320 A Rotated Polygon With Slider

    6. 330 The Locus of a Parabola

    7. 340 Tangent to a function

    8. 350 Integration: Upper-Lower Sums of Rectangles

    9. 360 *Topics Two-Three Submission*

    10. 370 A final word from word for Topic Three

    1. R1-00 Conceptual Understanding?

    2. R1-10 *Why Students Need ​To​ Understand​ The Concept Before We Teach Them The Procedure* (Article)

    3. R1-20 *Why We Need An Understanding-first, Procedures-second Mindset When Teaching Mathematics* (Article)

    4. R1-30 An Understanding-first Approach to Right-Angled Trigonometry

    5. R1-30b *Your U-1st Right-Angled Trigonometry Comment*

    6. R1-40 Your 'Aha' Moments

    7. R1-50 Generating Aha Moments

    8. R1-80 Check That You Are Completing All Requirements

    9. R1-60 *Your Conceptual Submission ...*

    1. 400 Start Topic Four

    2. 410 Can You Make These Four Quadrilaterals?

    3. 415 Creating The Four Quadrilaterals (another blast from the past)

    4. 420 Introducing The GeoGebra Construct File

    5. 430 The median-Centroid Investigation

    6. 440 The Circle Tools

    7. 450 Triangle Area Demonstration

    8. 455 Your challenge: Formula Demos With GeoGebra

    9. 460 Fix Text To An Object

    10. 470 *A Wild Idea*

    11. 480 A final word Topic Four

About this course

  • 96 lessons


  • Should we enrol more than one teacher in this online course?

    If you are looking for department-wide improvement regarding student agency then the ideal way to achieve this is to enrol all or most of your teachers into this course as a Team. However, this course is also ideal for individual teachers wanting to see significant changes occur in their classroom teaching.

  • When does the course start? Am I able to commence whenever I want?

    Although you can request (on the form) to start 'now', officially the program commences on March 28th, June 20th, Sept 12th, Dec 5th. Teams choose their own start dates.

  • What happens if I don't complete the course within the allocated time?

    As long as you make regular progress - or keep us posted when something unforeseen is preventing you from making progress - you will be given every opportunity to complete the course.

  • Will I have to be logged in at specific times?

    No. The course is self-paced and accessible 24/7. There is no requirement to be logged in at any specific time.


Richard Andrew

Hi! I’m Richard. I’ve been delivering PD to teachers since 2007 - after twenty-plus years in the classroom, six as a Department Head. My main PD thrust is to support teachers to improve their ability to foster agency and understanding in students. This is because we only shine as mathematics teachers when our students demonstrate agency ... when students assume ownership through experiencing a sense of control over their learning. I've always been fascinated by the craft of teaching maths. I have a knack for presenting complex pedagogical ideas in easy-to-follow ways, and in the absence of edu-babble.