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$290pp for 2+;  $390 for individuals +GST in Australia.
Equivalent to 2+ days of face-to-face instruction over 2-4 months.
Classroom implementations are a key feature of the program.

Starts: March 28th, June 20th, Sept 12th, Dec 5th (or now).
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Is this you?

  • Too many of my students take little-or-no responsibility for their learning. (Apparently, it’s all up to me!)

  • Help! I know I REACT waay too often. I want to learn how to RESPOND in the heat of the moment.

  • I'm having to work way too hard in the classroom. Often I feel like I'm getting nowhere!

  • I want more of my students genuinely engaged. 

  • I want strategies that work for ME - not strategies that are a one-size-fits-all.


“ The best aspect of the course was having advice that targeted all those beginning teacher questions that I have often been wondering about. This aspect was what made the course great! I was inspired by the ideas that came through that aligned with many of the things I already believed and aspired to implement but didn't have the courage or knowledge of where to start. I was surprised by how many people had similar issues or had made similar mistakes to me in the beginning of my career. It was very comforting to know I wasn't alone. The course has had a dramatic impact on my classes. They have already begun to improve as a result of the strategies learned from this course. ”

Rob Sibley, Trangie Central School

“The best aspect was being able to listen and understand I am not alone and many many others have been through and continue to go through it. I also like the have-a-chat videos as they are good to hear different stories or sides in real settings. The course has helped me get motivated to work with my classes and get the vibe right and to establish the two-way street of respect and expectations to make teaching run more smoothly. Isabella Fawcett, Trangie Central School”

Isabella Fawcett, Trangie Central School

“I really enjoyed the practical strategies and observing change in action (the John Bayley videos). It has also been encouraging to see through stories how different the journey can be for many different people. I have gained excitement for seeing where my journey goes. The vision document was useful for putting my goals for change on paper and motivating me to bring about this change in my classes to create the best learning environment I can where students have agency in their learning. Lachlan Davies, Hawkesbury High School”

Lachlan Davies, Hawkesbury High School


  • Should we enrol more than one teacher in this online course?

    If you are looking for department-wide improvement regarding student agency then the ideal way to achieve this is to enrol all or most of your teachers into this course as a Team. However, this course is also ideal for individual teachers wanting to see significant changes occur in their classroom teaching. https://www.learnimplementshare.com/teaching-and-learning-teams.html

  • When does the course start? Am I able to commence whenever I want?

    Although you can request (on the form) to start 'now', officially the program commences on March 28th, June 20th, Sept 12th, Dec 5th. Teams choose their own start dates.

  • What happens if I don't complete the course within the allocated time?

    As long as you make regular progress - or keep us posted when something unforeseen is preventing you from making progress - you will be given every opportunity to complete the course.

  • Will I have to be logged in at specific times?

    No. The course is self-paced and accessible 24/7. There is no requirement to be logged in at any specific time.

Course curriculum

    1. 1.1 Welcome To The Course

    2. 1.2 Your Starter Activity *

    3. 1.2.1 Add a profile pic

    4. 1.3 Why Learn Implement Share?

    5. 1.4 Gaining The Most From This Course

    6. 1.5 Course Requirements

    7. 1.6 To the previewers …

    1. 2.1 Your Vision As A Teacher

    2. 2.2 A Must-Watch-Video For All Teachers *

    3. 2.3 What sort of person am I? *

    4. 2.4 The Aim Of The teaching Game

    5. 2.5 The Twelve Mistakes You Will Likely Make As A New Teacher

    6. 2.6 Mistake #1: Too Hard On Yourself

    7. 2.7 Mistake #2: Prevention Or Cure?

    8. 2.8 About Your Implementations

    1. 3.1 Teachers Said This About Lesson Planning

    2. 3.2 About those Aims And Objectives

    3. 3.3 Lesson planning is key ... but ... *

    4. 3.4 Lesson Planning - Some Nuts And Bolts

    5. 3.5 Student Agency Is Key - How To Plan For It *

    6. 3.6 Mistakes #3: Lacking Clarity

    7. 3.7 Mistake #4: Look Who's Talking! Read again from The Solution first

    8. 3.8 Implementation Reminder

    1. 4.1 What? No Section On Student Management?

    2. 4.2 Lesson Structure *

    3. 4.3 Ten Teaching Principles Of Effective Instruction

    4. 4.4 Improving Your Lesson Delivery (Being Observed)

    5. 4.5 Improving Your Vocal Delivery (Recording Yourself)

    6. 4.6 Improving Your Lesson Delivery - Voice Training (Implementation)

    7. 4.7 Improving Your Lesson Delivery (Phrases, Commands, Movement Patterns)

    8. What did you learn about yourself from Pages 4.4 to 4.7? *

    9. 4.8 Uh-Oh ... My Class Is Turning On Me!

    10. 4.9 Mistake #5: Poor Lesson Structure

    11. 4.10 Mistake #6: Over-Focus On Problem Students

    1. 5.1 Wait a minute ... what am I trying to achieve here?

    2. 5.2 Direct Instruction

    3. 5.3 Student Centred Learning? *

    4. 5.4 Learned Helplessness

    5. 5.5 Diagnostic Interactions - Empowering Learners

    6. 5.6 But sir ... will this be in the test?

    7. 5.7 Mistake #7: Using 'Old-style Questioning

    8. 5.8 Mistake #8: Being drawn into negativity.

    1. 6.1 Let's Stop Talking Down To Kids!

    2. 6.2 Rapport - The Good

    3. 6.3 Rapport - The Not-so Good! *

    4. 6.4 Transparency And Positive Relationships With Students *

    5. 6.5 Punishments or consequences?

    6. 6.6 Using Praise To Manage Your Students

    7. 6.7 Turning Around A Negative Cycle Of Feedback

    8. 6.7b The Fireside Chat

    9. 6.8 Human Flourishing *

    10. 6.9 Mistake #9: Praise? Who Needs It?

    11. 6.10 Mistake #10: Seriously?

About this course

  • $390.00
  • 64 lessons


Richard Andrew

Hi! I’m Richard. I’ve been delivering PD to teachers since 2007 - after twenty-plus years in the classroom, six as a Department Head. My main PD thrust is to support teachers to improve their ability to foster agency and understanding in students. This is because we only shine as mathematics teachers when our students demonstrate agency ... when students assume ownership through experiencing a sense of control over their learning. I've always been fascinated by the craft of teaching maths. I have a knack for presenting complex pedagogical ideas in easy-to-follow ways, and in the absence of edu-babble.